Trams servicing Krakow's Museum Line

1912 SN1 #37

SN1 trams were the first normal gauge vehicles to run on Krakow's tracks. They were manufactured within 1912 to 1936. Its popular name, "gracówka", derived from one of the cities in which the trams were built - Graz (the other one being Sanok). SN1 trams were decommissioned in 1969. The tram's interior is divided into two classes: first and second, with the first having seats covered with skin, while the second has only wooden ones. This historical tram was renovated in 1995 and is currently the oldest part of Krakow's historical tram collection.

1925 LH #1076

LH trams were manufactured in 1925 - 1928 in Wrocław's Linke-Hofman factory. They serviced Polish cities of Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław until mid-1970s. The tram for Kraków has been obtained in mid-1980s. With help of public transport enthusiasts, it was renovated in 2005/06 at Nowa Huta tram depot. It is currently the second oldest tram in our collection.

1938 SN2 #87 + PN2 #530

SN2 engine car and its PN2 trailer were manufactured in 1938-39 in Sanok, thus getting a "sanok" nickname during their service in Kraków. Trams of this type were in service until 1976. SN2 #87 tram was renovated in 1989-81, with PN2 #530 trailer being reconditioned in 1992.

1950s N #20, N #26 & ND #511, ND #538

"N" (dubbed "eNki") used to be the most widespread trams in Polish cities. Being manufactured in 1949-56 in Chorzów's Konstal factories, they were highly based on German KSW type. The last member of "N" family left Krakow's streets in 1988. Currently, MPK Kraków (the company providing public transport service in Kraków) owns three N type trams. N #26 and #ND #538 (the latter one being a trailer) have original interior dating back to the early production time. N #20, restored in 2003, has a modernized interior (identical to trams used in 1980s).

1950s T4 #220

In late 1980s, MPK Kraków started to import used trams from Nuernberg, Germany. The first vehicles to come to our city were T4 trams and their B4 trailers. In spite of being manufactured in 1950s, they were technically much more advanced than the Polish products of 1980s. The last T4 was taken out of service in 2002. B4 were used until late 2009, coupled with sightly younger GT6 trams (decommissioned by the end of 2012). T4 #127 and B4 #527 set was renovated in 2003 by public transport enthusiasts in Nowa Huta tram depot.

1969 102N #203

102N type trams were manufactured in 1969 in Chorzów's Konstal tram factory. A total of 42 units has been constructed. Part of them ended up in Kraków, soon to be nicknamed as "wiatrówka" ("windy car"). Its notable feature is an obliquely placed windscreen. Even though it gives the tram an interesting look, it simultaneously was the reason not to produce the tram any more - such a layout resulted in various reflections making driving the tram difficult. The historical tram no. #203 was the last one of this type in service in Kraków. It became a historical one in 1997.